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Timber Faced Guardrail (TFG) want you to visualise how your project can look, so we have provided photos below of various projects where TFG has recently been used.


G4m and G2m Approved Rail

NZTA has assessed Timber Faced Guardrail as compliant with NCHRP 350 TL2.
All steel components of the rail can be painted to blend with the environment. Cyclist and motorbike protection can also be added to all installations.

Both types of rail have back masks available for the rail and posts so that the steel components are hidden for protection of children, animals and also for appearances.

The TFG Design, Assembly and Maintenance Manual is available to designers, users and installers.

(Click each image for larger view)

Timber Guardrail Timaru NZ Guardrail Terminal End NZ

Timber Faced Guardrails New Zealand Guardrail Terminal End NZ

Guardrail Supplier New Zealand Guardrail Close up

Guardrail Supplier New Zealand Guardrail Close up


Terminal End Treatments

There are various terminal ends available. We have plans for most variations so please contact us with your preferred design. The standard terminal end is a 4 metre TFG rail with one end buried in the ground. All installations must have both ends restrained for the engineering of the TFG rail to function correctly when impacted.

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Terminal End Guardrail New Zealand

W Section Connection Guardrail Wall Connections

Guardrail Wall Connections New Zealand Guardrail Install


The two handrail designs depend on the location and application. The linked brochures
show layout. The height of your handrail needs to be specified at the time of ordering.

(Please click each image for larger view)

Guardrail Supplier NZ Guardrail Handrail

Guardrail Handrail Supplier NZ Guardrail Handrail Company

New Zealand Handrail Suppliers Guardrail Handrail Supplies
Download Brochure – Handrail for G2M Type 800 401 01

Download Brochure – Handrail for G2M type 800 423

Heavy Duty Systems…


This is a heavy duty TFG system that has been crash tested to the european requirements for motorbikes, cars and buses up to 13,000kg.
The crash test is viewable on www.rondino.fr

This GH2 TFG system would be ideal for use as a bridge, or underpass handrail and tourist roads. The top two rails are from the G4m TFG system and the 2nd rail down is the same height as the G4m / G2m single rail system so that these two TFG designs can be joined together when approach rails are required to a bridge etc.

Posts can be abutment mounted or ground planted. All steel components are often painted after galvanising to further blend in with surroundings. All painting can be undertaken at point of manufacture.

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Heavy Duty Guardrail Systems Timber Guardrail Installation

Guardrail Handrail Supplier South Pacific Timber Faced Guardrail Company

Heavy Duty Guardrail System Guardrail GH2

Guardrail Supplier Australia USA Guardrail Supplier

Installation Equipment


Below are several methods used to install the guardrail post and to attach the rail to the post. There are also suggestions how to bend the splice bars on curved alignments and systems to use if lifting of the rail is required.

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Timber Faced Guardrail Installation Guardrail Installation Support

Guardrail Installation System Guardrail Supply and Install

Guardrail Installation Equipment Auger Installation

Guardrail Supply and Install Guardrail Supply and Install